Wael William Diab for IEEE
For IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors
Member-at-Large, 2013-2014

Wael William Diab for IEEE
Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!

I am a candidate for the IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors Member-at-Large, 2013-2014.

This site is dedicated to providing information about me and my interest in this election.


In a rapidly evolving technology world, an environment that fosters open standards is crucial as they play an increasing role in technology development. I believe there are core principles in governance that strengthen our process in light of an evolving landscape:

  • Standards environment that encourages innovation
  • Leveraging the entire standards lifecycle
  • Using our successes as a foundation for new initiatives
  • Increasing cooperation / communication
  • Borderless organization for a borderless market
  • Streamline processes for our members
I worked with talented people on many initiatives that adhere to the above principles from my 802 working group role through my SASB, CAG and BOG-SP/PMC governance roles. Should I be fortunate to receive your vote and be elected to this position, I would leverage this experience and tirelessly work to ensure that we continue building on what has made us successful and remain the premier standards organization we are today.